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Animanga icontests community

Animanga icontests

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Animanga icontests
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Animanga icontest community

Welcome to animanga_ict. This is a icontest community for all manga and anime.
We'll provide several kinds of images - caps, official art, manga scans, so you can choose whatever you like and do your best.
Moderators choose new anime/manga for the theme every week. You may suggest your favorite anime/manga to us.

Our staff:
djalina - moderator, bannermaker
ryzhaya_tapka - moderator, bannermaker

General Rules:
#01 Join the community in order to participate, please.
#02 No flood, off top, spam.
#03 Be courteous towards the other members.
#04 If you don’t agree with something, you can leave community at any time.

Submission Rules:
#01: You can submit two icons per challenge unless otherwise stated.
#02: Please keep submission(s) anonymous (you cannot use the icon(s) or post it anywhere, even in your journal, until the results are out and winners are announced).
#03: Icon(s) must fit LJ standards (<40kb and not bigger than 100*100).
#04: You must use the provided images.
#05: Brushes, textures, text and blending are allowed, but animations aren’t.
#06: In your submission comment, please, include both IMAGE & URL.
#07: You must had signed up and be a member to participate.

Voting Rules:
#01: Vote for 3 favorite icons & a Special Category.
#02: Do not vote for yourself and please do not ask anybody vote for you.
#03: You must be a member or watcher to vote.

Monday: Challenge posted
Wednesday: Submission reminder
Friday: Submission deadline, voting begins
Monday: Voting ends, winners posted, Next challenge posted

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If you'd like to affiliate with this community, leave a comment [here] in this post.

Credit layout - passing_girl

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